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E.g., if the group ontology gets a 4.0, what might yours get?

(of course, you can / should use approximate grades.) The essay is also an opportunity to discuss un-answered questions, or to vent a bit about the complexities of OWL and Protege.

You should be able to complete Chapters 1-3 without issue since it’s all review from Chem 100. As mentioned in step 1 — discussion is the “other lecture” you see on your schedule that falls on either a Wednesday or a Thursday, depending on what you signed up for.

Chapter 4 has only one topic that was not taught in Chem 100 — Limiting Reactants; so working on this chapter is also doable as well. If you are a Chem 200 or 202 waitlister please go to a discussion session.

It is wise as a Chem 202 waitlister to go to a discussion just in case the only available section is a Chem 200 section.

Note: Please print or have on you the first discussion sheet: Discussion Sheet 1 Welcome to Chem 200 & 202 Fall 2019 Semester!!!These are also summarized in a nifty Poster, "for professionals and patients alike".For lung cancer, there are 7 stages, from IA to stage IV, (we'll ignore stage 0), where the higher the stage, the worse the prognosis.Project 3: Building and using a (toy) OWL ontology for cancer staging Due: Feb 20th (individually) and 25th (group) In this project, you will explore, in a toy, small example, the ability of OWL to use reasoning to answer questions.More specifically, the staging of solid tumor cancers is an important first step for a number of therapeutic decisions (not to mention prognosis).Your grade will be a combination of the individual work and the peer work. To make this assignment more practical, I have provided a starter ontology that has most of the structure and classes you will need to accomplish this task.(Without this, there are too many possible ways of solving the problem! As a disclaimer, this task is completely toy -- an experienced oncologist would not need or use any sort of automatic decision support tool to determine cancer stage, given T, N and M infomation.Support the development of a harmonious classroom community with the eye-catching, contemporary Colorful Owls Job Assignment Mini Bulletin Board Set.Display this functional and colorful mini bulletin board set in the classroom as a way to build and reinforce a positive work ethic in the classroom.Note: The announcement will be posted immediately when you post your assignment, regardless of the actual open date of the assignment itself.This option is best used to announce changes in a due date, or the availability of a newly posted item.


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