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If you know these, it is much easier to define the right content, the channels, the formats you need for a successful campaign.But it’s really having the data, having the insights, knowing what’s relevant to the target group, which makes the difference.

If you know these, it is much easier to define the right content, the channels, the formats you need for a successful campaign.But it’s really having the data, having the insights, knowing what’s relevant to the target group, which makes the difference.From owned media, to earned media, to paid media, each strategy comes with its own set of benefits depending on the message you are looking to deliver, and what’s most important to your business now.

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We use market research, data which the brand sometimes has itself, then we use social listening tools, Google Analytics and other tools to find out what is relevant for this specific audience.” How paid, owned and earned media can support each other “How can paid, owned and earned media support each other?

Well, of course, the content for us as content marketers is a very important thing — it is core — but content alone doesn’t work.

For example, we’re doing a large project for Deutsche Telekom ‘Electronic Beats’ where you have the editors, the designers, but also the performance marketers who do the media planning and booking sitting at one desk.

If they see that one piece of content takes off organically — many views on Facebook for example — they put some more media money behind it to accelerate it further.

An example of owned media would be sharing content (even sales copy) on your Facebook page, without paying to promote the ad any further than to the followers you already have.

Owned media is best for targeting return or loyal customers, or displaying a new product, a promotion, or new information to customers you have already done business with.But before you decide which is right for you and the campaign you are developing, you’ll need to completely understand what each consists of, how each works, and what kind of results you can expect from each marketing strategy.When you are in control of the website, blog, social media page, or other online platform you’re hoping to use to deliver your marketing message, this would be considered “Owned Media.” It’s your corporate content.Taking the example of the Facebook ad you shared to your own Facebook page in the owned media section, that same ad can become a form of paid media if you pay to boost or otherwise promote the post further.When you pay for a Facebook ad to be promoted, it will appear as sponsored content to individuals who don’t already follow you.The biggest drawback with only using your owned media is that it can be slower to market, and it is more challenging to reach a new audience.This kind of marketing strategy will usually be preferred to reach your followers, loyal customers, and fans, unless you choose to also implement some paid media or earned media strategies.“Paid Media” is your traditional sense of marketing and advertising, where you pay to promote the posts on your own social media pages — or you pay for advertising space on partner sites (display) or in search (Google Adwords, for example).How can relevant content drive successful native advertising campaigns and how can paid, owned and earned media play together?We asked Karsten Krämer, Managing Director at C3 when he attended the 2016 Native Advertising DAYS as a speaker. Understand your target group “The core [to good native advertising] is a clear understanding of the target group’s interests.It needs the distribution efforts through earned and paid media to be successful.For that probably the most important thing is to have an integrated process in planning and executing such a campaign.


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