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Now I see it as a judgment error, not a fatal flaw.

Because academic dishonesty has consequences, I give such work a zero and move forward. When I started, I spent whatever time I thought was needed to critique the work to my satisfaction. I now set a timer so each student receives an equal amount of attention.

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The final version of the paper will be stronger and easier to review than if I got it cold.

I used to distribute a checklist that students were supposed to use to ensure they were meeting requirements. Now I have them review each other’s work with a checklist, which screens out basic errors, allowing me to focus while grading. I wrote notes in the paper margins and sometimes added additional feedback online.

Alternatively, the angst of boundless exertion feeds into negative patter about teaching. In weak assignments we may confront our own limitations.

The stress also builds because grading is a moment of reckoning, raising what could be an uncomfortable question: Have I been a good teacher? Theoretically, we’d read a student paper and pop dazzling feedback and instructions for improving the assignment into the course management system (CMS), and move on.


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