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Reading-Based Writing 128 Adam Rensky, “Rituals as Comfort Food for the Soul” 128 That was Coleman’s special time. Just say No—no more pressure, no more stupid rules, no more deadlines, no more uncaring teachers, no more snobby, cliqueconscious peers. While you progress in your English course, notice how you are getting better at content, organization, and mechanics as you read, think, and write.

It was as satisfying as comfort food, the childhood treat that somehow still evokes soothing memories when life cries out for relief, as it did long ago. Suggested Topics and Prompts for Writing Descriptive Narration Reading-Based Writing Topics 131 General Topics 132 Cross-Curricular Topics 134 Career-Related Topics 134 WRITER’S GUIDELINES Chapter 8 130 135 Exemplification: Writing with Examples 137 Writing Exemplification 138 Finding Patterns in Photos 141 Practicing Patterns of Exemplification 142 Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing Paragraph 143 David Levine, “Dropping Way Out” 142 143 Think about it. Essays 144 Eric Gall, “Little Brother Is Watching” 144 Beyond the facility to humiliate, there is a positive side to the power of You Tube. ” 146 I had a bracing encounter with my own values when I told my friend Danny the humorous (I thought) story of a recent date who asked if I wanted a drink after a concert, then led me to the nearest water fountain. Consequently, you can expect writing to become a highly satisfying pleasure. 4 Strategies for Self-Improvement Finally, do not compare yourself with others.

I seized the opportunity to say, “I don’t want an arranged marriage,” but she sang on even louder, singing a song of a distant home. Used wisely, the Internet can provide resource material for compositions. Work with your instructor to set attainable goals, and proceed at a reasonable pace.

Mike Kavanagh, “The Drag” [with stages] 127 With the push of a button, I feel the rumble of the motor, hear the scream of the blower, and smell the distinctive odor of nitro in the air. Soon, seeing what you have mastered and checked off your list will give you a sense of accomplishment.

The client’s head is “permanently” ablaze with flames from temple to temple, moving upward from the hairline and across the top of the head. .” Views on Violence 237 Francis Flaherty, “The Ghetto Made Me Do It” 237 Yet why not a ghetto defense? Judy Scheindlin and Josh Getlin, “Enough Is Enough” 242 Tito was very close to his brother, the boy’s lawyer insists, and his crime was a result of posttraumatic stress. Student Essay 244 Shandra Bryson (pseudonym), “From ‘Kick Me’ to ‘Kiss Me’” 244 I figured out it would be better to be hit with a flying object than to be pounded, so I learned to move toward whatever he threw. Student Paragraph and Essay 246 Richard Blaylock, “The Classroom and Beyond” [with stages] 247 “We think you would benefit from our work-study program,” he said to me. Avi Friedman, “Living Environments” 264 When invited to design a home, I first like to know what kind of dwellers my clients are.

Suggested Topics and Prompts for Writing Process Analysis Reading-Based Writing Topics 218 General Topics 219 Cross-Curricular Topics 220 Career-Related Topic 220 WRITER’S GUIDELINES 220 217 Contents Chapter 11 Cause and Effect: Determining Reasons and Outcomes Writing Cause and Effect 223 Finding Patterns in Photos 227 Practicing Patterns of Cause and Effect 229 Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing Paragraphs 231 Anne Roiphe, “Why Marriages Fail” 222 231 231 Each of us falls in love with a mate who has qualities of our parents, who will help us rediscover both the psychological happiness and miseries of our past lives. After all, if a Vietnam veteran can claim PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] from the shock of war, why shouldn’t a similar defense be available for a young black reared in the embattled precincts of Bed-Stuy [Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of New York City]? He was not my high school counselor, and I wasn’t 18. In our first meeting, I ask them to take me on a guided tour of their current residence and describe how each room is used—when and by whom.

Essay and Restaurant Review 173 John Gray, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” 173 The most frequently expressed complaint men have about women is that women are always trying to change them. Read your work aloud to hear and correct any grammatical errors or awkward-sounding sentences. Write a topic sentence or thesis; label the subject and focus parts.

When a woman loves a man she feels responsible to assist him in growing and tries to help him improve the way he does things. Edit any problems in fundamentals, such as capitalization, omissions, punctuation, and spelling (COPS). This page intentionally left blank Part I LINKING READING AND WRITING Readi ng a n d w r i t i n g a r e jo i n e d w i t h o u t se a m .

Career-Related Writing 129 Douglas Ross, “Incident Report of the Falling Shoppers” 129 I came to their aid quickly, helping the woman to her feet. José Antonio Burciaga, “Tortillas” 149 My own kids put peanut butter and jelly on tortillas, which I think is truly bicultural. After all, once you learn to write well, writing can be just as enjoyable as talking. Compare yourself before your learning experiences with yourself after your learning experiences and, as you improve, consider yourself what you are—a student on the path toward more effective writing, a student on the path toward success.

Maya Angelou, “Liked for Myself” 151 She was one of the few gentlewomen I have ever known, and has remained throughout my life the measure of what a human being ca n be. It is appropriate to end this overview with the same quotation that introduced it. Let a word fall like thunder or a snowflake, to launch your thoughts.


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