Passage To Marabar Caves Essay

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Later, when Fielding visits him, Aziz shows him a picture of his dead wife.

Fielding has none of the prejudice against Indians that the other English people have, and is happy to reciprocate Aziz's trust and affection.

The most important relationship in the novel is that between two men, Aziz and Fielding.

The relationships between men and women-primarily those between Adela and Ronny, and Adela and Fielding-are superficial by comparison.

The collapse of the friendship between Aziz and Fielding also shows the difficulty of friendship and communication between West and East, between the occupying power and the disenfranchised indigenous inhabitants.

This is not a recipe for a relationship between equals.In chapter 2, the mosque at Chandrapore is viewed through the sympathetic eyes of a devout Moslem. The mosque therefore suggests the possibility of understanding between people of different religions.The mosque stimulates Aziz's loftiest thoughts and allows his imagination to soar. However, as the later chapters show, there are many powerful forces that interfere with this worthy goal.However, he feels a trifle uncomfortable with the emotional Aziz, because his own nature is more reserved, and he does not usually form close friendships.But the friendship does not survive unscathed, partly because the two men are so different in temperament.Aziz and Fielding like each other immediately they meet, and an intimacy and depth of feeling springs up between them.When Fielding invites Aziz to tea, Aziz goes out of his way to please his host, offering him his own collar stud when Fielding breaks his. It is clear that if she was assaulted, as she and all the English believe, the culprit was not Aziz, who does not even find Adela attractive and whose only desire was to entertain his visitors as well as he could. What happens to Adela in the Marabar Cave is the pivotal moment in the novel, and yet the incident is never, on the literal level, satisfactorily explained.But just before the trial, the echo she has been hearing in her mind ever since the incident finally goes away. Then at the trial, Mc Bryde's logical, sequential questioning brings her back to the rational world of facts and evidence.It also brings back a sense of justice and fairness that had been obscured by her mental confusion.


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