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Therefore, as you’re flipping through the paper, the skin on your fingers experiences some absorption of the ink (as described at the top of the article, with the capillary effect).

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Those types of oils dry much better when the paper is heated, but newspapers are printed extremely quickly – thousands of pages per minute – so there is no time to heat the paper and ensure proper drying before the papers are shipped out to news stands all over the country.

Some of the ink on a freshly printed newspaper will remain on the inner fibers of the paper, but in those great big stacks of newspapers, there isn’t a whole lot of oxygen available to dry the remainder of the ink.

However, ink is a strangely resilient material, and with a few notable exceptions (like cheaply printed newspapers), the ink always sticks to the page.

You’ve read countless ink-pressed pages in your life, but have you ever wondered what keeps the ink on the page?

Sometimes teachers or therapists have had success using markers to write with instead of pencils. Children who use these grasps can write with enough speed and without increased fatigue or discomfort.

Here are a few additional ideas on how students can increase pencil pressure. What interferes with developing a functional pencil grasp?

Papers do come in a range of different “porosity”, and you’ll notice that some glossy papers for photographic printing, have no porosity at all, completely enclosing the fibers and preventing ink from soaking in and drying in the same way.

Variations in the porosity affect the amount of time ink takes to dry.

Choosing ink with a well designed mix of drying agents and surfactants keeps ink in place on the paper for years to come, unless it gets wet, of course!

Cheaply printed newspaper use high absorbency paper and mineral oil-based inks, which are less expensive.


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