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During that time, as I have gone about documenting the processes at work within a wide range of performance activities, I have found it useful to think of a definition of live performance as being a human ‘body in operation with imagery’.

(To think of a body, now, after so much research, is to think also of a brain and its mind; moreover I suspect that the human body, notwithstanding posthumanism, will continue to be one of this century’s abiding pre-occupations.) For me, this definition has served as a kind of frame, a view upon the subject matter, that has offered space to my thinking and feeling and perceiving as I have tried to engage in defining, from my perspective, the details appropriate to each individual act of live performance that I have encountered.

Several problems also characterize concept learning; for instance, lack of knowledge theories that may assist in inferring knowledge impacts.

Additionally, it is tricky to have an extensive conceptualization of the factors that led to the attainment of knowledge.

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It draws upon material in that website and elsewhere that I have gathered since 1974.They studied the theories of learning beginning from immaturity stage until the adult periods.Ultimately, they represented their findings in writing, which was later published for other educational purposes.However, I have found myself moving in the opposite direction – upstream as it were, as one would move towards a source – where there are fewer written words, where perceiving is a form of thinking and spoken language prompts perception – a site for reflection perhaps.Functionalities offered by new technology can create fields where thinking and feeling and perceiving might come together to create material of a kind that is complementary to that created in the field of logos.The concept of learning was extensively discussed by Bruner, a prominent scholar in the psychological field.However, several intellectuals considerably contributed to the subject, by employing several experiments and research projects, thus modifying the concept (Kellogg, 2002).Concept acquisition often results from what we bump into such as new words, thus learning them.For instance, one may encounter a new word from a dictionary thus finding out its meaning.Concept formation entails how an infant struggles to learn and recognize shapes, color, and names of things.For instance, under normal circumstances, a child should be able to learn all these, by the age of three.


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