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A “wait and see” approach has then led to a significant decrease in RVPIs over the last three years.

The actual Brexit will lead to further disruptions. Once the outcome of the negotiations is known, it seems likely that British fund managers will capitalize on this expected major economic disruption.

These high last-quarter returns remain associated with comparatively low risk and shorter time-to-liquidity, as VC funds capitalize on a favorable exit environment.

Most hurdle rates featured in private equity funds are set at 8% of internal rate of return.

Since 2012, every paper published in 68 top-tier journals has been included in the Nature Index database.

The index tallies the number of articles (AC) published by universities and research institutions, and by extension, reveals the output of cities and countries.

The results of the analysis are in line with the well-established analogous findings from the public markets.

Small caps perform better on average, but the large caps are better predictable and bear less risk for the investor.

We envisage publishing the Special Issue in late 2019 or early 2020.

Depending on the reception this issue receives and its subsequent success, the current plan is to publish one such issue each year.


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