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Drew uses his colleagues, rather than the destitute landscape of Afghanistan (a relatively alternative concept being that historically photographers had travelled to the front line to take images of the conflict, casualties and the battlefield) as his subject matter.His subjects, despite being alive and unscathed, seem to express the horror, the pain and the anguish of war.Mirror, Mirror – Investigating The Tintype Portrait Introduction I am examining the work of photographers Ed Drew and Louie Palu, specifically their projects Afghanistan, Combat Zone Tintypes and Kandahar.

Given our knowledge of the necessary exposure times of Tintypes we can assume that the sitter would need to be stationary for at least three seconds in order to achieve correct exposure using daylight.

Within the context of my project this leads to the conclusion that the representation of the subjects face would be considered true, as a long exposure would require a still pose in order to avoid motion blur.

I have chosen these photographers because of their influence over my own work.

In mimicking the process of Drew and Palu’s composition – yet in a far less hostile environment – I intend to explore the techniques used which define the pain, exhaustion and sacrifice exhibited by the Marines so well.

A downside to using Tintypes to document in this way is the time it takes to create a single exposure.

A sensitised plate has the equivalent ISO of 1, in a studio environment a one second exposure would require four 800 watt flash heads.

His photos represent the surreal aspect of using such aged symbolism in such a modern conflict.

The character and tactile nature of the Tintype emphasizes the true grit of the subjects and the environment.

Demonstrate your technical prowess, delve into the depths of conceptual imagery and scour photographic literature for primary sources.

In today’s post we’re featuring an essay from a student who went on to achieve one hundred percent in unit 3, a testament to the students endeavor, willingness to explore and patience.


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