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My early understandings of what I believed was my calling to ministry started with a question when I was thirteen years old. ...m going to be a pastor, but I will not say never.I was attending a youth gathering at our newly hired senior pastor's home when he questioned if anyone thought about or planned on enter... I am focused on my family and my secular management career now, and my immediate plans are to finish my bachelor's degree and then pursue a MBA degree.

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The journey I took that lead me to realize this fact was initially very exciting, but quickly turned into a very disappointing one and has been a source of much discouragement and insecurity over the years.

Only within the past 10 years or so have I discovered and accepted the true calling that God placed on my life.

Linda Phillips-Jones It's good to create or revise the "personal vision" you have for your life. Find a place without distractions such as a quiet table at a restaurant.

A compelling vision can help you succeed, be more satisfied with your life, and get the most out of your mentoring relationships. Numerous experts on leadership and personal development emphasize how vital it is for you to craft your own personal vision for your life. Answer as many of the questions as possible, and discuss your responses with someone you trust.

If necessary, make a second, better draft, but don't compromise your passion. Now you're ready to turn your Vision Statement into an action plan.

As a very typical Assembly of God church attendee that grew up in the church, my understanding was that this calling would take on the form of a staff pastor at a local Assembly of God church, such as a From that point a seed was planted and I firmly believed that a ministry calling was on my life, and that I was placed on a non-negotiable ministry path.You won't be able to do this task if you don't complete that important initial step.) It's now time to pull together your research and write a Personal Vision Statement.Your vision must be unique and appropriate for you, so we offer the following Personal Vision Statement only as an example: I am more physically fit, almost finished with my formal education, actively involved in two close personal relationships, worshipping and serving God regularly, having fun every day, and making at least 75% as much money as now doing work that I love.As I was so familiar with the biblical stories that showcases how God uses the rejected and untrained for his purposes, I too believed that if God choose me for ministry, His enablement would be there.As I continued to be heavily involved in my church, my talent as a violinist and my accomplishments through the Teen Talent (Fine Arts Festival) contest brought me to the public stage, and it was naturally assumed by my church's leadership and the entire congregation that I was well suited and destined for ministry.Although many ascribe to this interpretation, and I thank God everyday for those that have that calling, I now believe that my interpretation is no longer defined that narrow.Simply, I no longer believe that my personal calling is for fulltime pastoral ministry.If you have not yet done so, go to Creating or Revising Your Personal Vision (Tool #1).Print a copy, and spend at least an hour by yourself completing it.Playing an offertory was to a crowd of hundreds of people and the level of acceptance from them was exhilarating.In their support they quickly overlooked any weaknesses that I had.


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