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Baseball banned steroids in 1991, so anyone who used them after that was breaking the rules--including A-Rod.

Baseball banned steroids in 1991, so anyone who used them after that was breaking the rules--including A-Rod.

Even at the height of baseball's steroids era, there were those who chose to play clean.

Consider former Major Leaguer Doug Glanville, a personal friend who first inspired me to think about these issues.

The office of baseball's commissioner, Bud Selig, is considering suspending these players for up to 100 games.

Presupposed by this punishment and baseball's ban is the principle that using PEDs is wrong.

Major League Baseball is reportedly on the verge of the largest drug bust in sports history.

Some 20 players, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, allegedly purchased performance‐enhancing drugs (PEDs) from Bio Genesis, an "anti‐aging" clinic in Miami.As a philosophy professor, I can't help but ask: What makes these drugs so bad? In spite of all the focus on the use of PEDs in sports, this simple question of ethics is harder to answer than it might seem. A natural first suggestion is that using PEDs is wrong because it's cheating.Below are six popular yet flawed reasons for rejecting PEDs--and a less-familiar seventh reason that explains what's really wrong with them. In an article for Salon titled "A-Rod Isn't a Cheater," the philosopher Alva Noe questions whether it's cheating when "a whole generation of the best and most promising athletes has been doing it."Of course, it is still cheating.Our disapproval of PEDs is surely more than a disapproval of the hyper-competitive spirit that motivates their use. They're expensive, and not everyone can afford them.This problem is particularly acute in international competitions such as the Olympics, where poorer countries struggle to provide their athletes with cutting-edge technologies and facilities.But even aspiring Major League players can't necessarily afford PEDs when the average contract for a first-year minor leaguer is only 0 per month.Inequalities can't be the main problem with PEDs, however, since we could just as easily eliminate them by subsidizing PEDs as by banning them.Or is our preference merely arbitrary, like our preference for a game that encourages stretching and singing in the seventh inning rather than the sixth? Relatively little is known about the long-term effects of drugs such as steroids because, as the Mayo Clinic notes, it's unethical to design studies to test for those effects.But it's unlikely that PEDs are as benign as calcium supplements.They're almost certainly no worse than repeated head traumas, and when used in moderation, certain PEDs may be no more dangerous than running marathons. Some philosophers hold that an action is good or bad not because of its effects, but because of the reasons associated with it.Moreover, as medical research advances and PEDs evolve, the side effects of PEDs are likely to diminish. If I shoot someone for sadistic pleasure, I've done something wrong; but if I shoot someone to prevent him or her from assassinating the president, I've acted heroically.


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