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As much as we hate to, we must face this fact: thousands of homeless people exist.

As much as we hate to, we must face this fact: thousands of homeless people exist.

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The ways that teachers interact with homeless children…

Research problem: Homelessness Research question: Why is the mental health population and people with disabilities more susceptible to becoming homeless?

While this is a possible reason, a more complicated one came to my mind.

Perhaps this was a homeless man who had used up his time at the local shelter.

Mary and her family, a generic example, are a casualty of this game. Brother doesn't always help brother, and neighbors close their doors when other neighbors are in trouble.

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Her husband, a factory worker was laid off a few months ago and has been unable to find another full-time job. The time when the town joined together to help a new arrival clear the land and build a home has disappeared.

Volunteers would go out and count individuals who are…

Huntsville, Tx is a city with a high rate in population growth and homelessness is an issue that is over looked.

With no savings, they sold off any belongings they could to keep the ... We have since become a society of superior-feeling individuals despite our own nearness to despondency.

Government cutbacks, increased foreign trade, layoffs, even acts of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake) have contributed to the number of homeless.


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