Persuasive Essay On High School Dropouts

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However, it can be completely sorted out should the parents, teachers and the school management work in unison to solve this ever-growing problem.Every child is different, and it is essential to know the differences to be able to solve this problem.They should also be told about the importance of money and how critical it has become these days to earn well and live a good life.

However, it can be completely sorted out should the parents, teachers and the school management work in unison to solve this ever-growing problem.Every child is different, and it is essential to know the differences to be able to solve this problem.

This kind of working environment is problematic occasioning a scarcity of guidance and nurturing of intellectual potential that is vital to a learner.

Growing up intellectually in an unstructured environment where instruction and care are missing does not augur well to university students resulting in the high number of dropouts.

The children should be made to realize the gravity of the situation; they should be told that their future would be ruined should they drop out of high school.

No employer would recruit them without a degree, and the only way of getting a genuine degree is by attending high school.

The ever-increasing number of dropout is raising legitimate concerns of the courses the students enroll in, not meeting their needs.

As a result, this lessens the prestige of the institutions of higher learning, as the role it is expected to serve is not realized.Punitive policies should be in place to ensure that no child gets bullied, even draconian laws can be introduced to stop this from happening.It has become a daily occurrence which has already affected several children.Children bully each other because the school authorities let them do so, they do not intentionally promote this practice, but they do not discourage it also which becomes a huge problem to deal with.The school authorities should take necessary actions to prevent children from getting bullied day in day out.In return, this leads to overcrowding in the institutions.Consequently, it leads to overstretching of the few instructors available leading to lack of personal attention and guidance to the students.In recent times, dropping out of school has become a growing trend among higher learning students especially those in the university.Details from a recent research carried out by the Higher Education Statistics Agency in 20; show that about six point seven percent of students drop out of university after a year.Abstract High school dropouts face a complicated life; life is tough for all, but it becomes even more challenging for the students who decide not to go to school.The employment opportunities cut back greatly, earning money and living a good life becomes quite difficult.


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