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-- Environmental Ethics[Writing of] the material world... [and] the potentials of urban agriculture...seems doubtful we've heard the last of Fred.

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Cultivating an Ecological Conscience: Essays from a Farmer Philosopher documents Kirschenmann’s evolution and his lifelong contributions to the new agrarianism in a collection of his greatest writings on farming, philosophy, and sustainability.

Working closely with agricultural economist and editor Constance L.

-- Farmers Market Today Cultivating an Ecological Conscience is an absolutely essential read for all those unfamiliar with the direction of cutting edge agriculture and a positively uplifting read for all those who are already there and seeking ways to connect environmental concepts with the production of food in the twenty-first century. -- Tom Jacobs, New York Institute of Technology In Cultivating an Ecological Conscience, essays and lectures from a broad range of events, journals, and forums come together to form a remarkably cohesive whole.

-- Energy Bulletin Sprawling and magisterial, Frederick L. -- Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development Frederick L.

Charles Taylor has been widely recognized for his contributions to philosophy, sociology, history, political science, and linguistics.

But to Canadians he has given something more: A way to communicate and live together while negotiating our ethical relationships as citizens of a federation.

So helping us learn to negotiate these relationships was the greatest possible gift, which Taylor gave us not via legislation, but by helping us find a language to describe to one another how we experience life, bringing together our similar and diverse modes of being and interacting as individuals.

Taylor’s particular and pervasive influence in Canada is partly the result of his long interest in politics—he ran for parliament several times in the 1960s—but more importantly his academic study of dialogue in all of its permutations. For 19 years my office was next to Taylor’s at Mc Gill University, where we both taught, and he was a good friend and a profound influence on me.

I have spent many years in dialogues with Canada’s Indigenous people and I have learned an enormous amount about dialogue from them, but I have also learned from Taylor, in both his writings and his practice.

“Dialogue” means “through” (dia) participation in and of “logos” (speech).


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