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This little wonderful piece of software is responsible for much of the visual designs, photographs, and creative artworks that we see on the web.

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I chose this assignment because it served my need for the poster I wanted to have on my story.

I took several pictures of different dinosaur toys.

There’s just something about creating a dramatic effect towards a picture that keeps people interested in it, it captures people’s attention like very few other things can.

If you have been meaning to learn dramatic photography and how it can be customized using digital tools, then you need to inspect closer this tutorial that talks about the techniques that Photoshop users use when they want to add a little drama to their photos!

Surprisingly, achieving the sample result only takes a few moments of your time, so get to work and explore!

Winter is always coming, and during the winter season there are many cool ways to spice things up in our photography by yielding inspiration from nature itself. How can you add little snowflakes to your pictures using Photoshop?This usually means that the learning curve is going to involve browsing through and practicing tutorials, understanding Photoshop CS6 features, learning how to achieve unique design results, and going as far as implementing your own techniques for creating beautiful art with Photoshop.The number of people who search for Photoshop CS6 tutorials on the web each day is staggering.Definitely an intermediate level tutorial, a cup of coffee will be more than called for.Fashion photography can be taken to the digital level quite easily, just learn how to use Photoshop! The best way to begin though, is through tutorials.For this assignment I knew that I have use the magic wand tool in the Photoshop that is helps in getting a specific image out of a photo by selecting the image and deleting other parts of the image that are different than the image. I used my mobile camera and two white papers (one vertical and other horizontal with a 90 degree angel).The white papers served as a clean background and using magic wand was smooth.In the following photo gallery you can see different photos I took with my mobile camera.Photoshop CS6 is the latest installment, and also the most popular, of the Adobe Photoshop series.Black and white photography has been around since a camera was first invented.Color was very rare in the first generation cameras, and much of history has also been recorded in black and white.


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