Photosythesis Word Equation

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This creates carbohydrates, or glucose, which is sugar that the plants can store and use later for energy.

The other end product of this phase is oxygen, which plants release back into the atmosphere.

The energy produced by photosynthesis is a type of chemical energy that is then used to fuel basic life functions such as growth and reproduction.

The Process of Photosynthesis To perform photosynthesis, plants require three elements.

Trees and plants can also reduce energy bills for homeowners, as the shade that they provide cools homes and can lower the cost of an energy bill.

See the section on for more details on plant structure.Plants and microorganisms also play a role in soil remediation, which involves using plants to capture and eliminate harmful toxins in the soil.Photosynthesis also enables the growth of critical food supplies and cash crops in countries around the world.Since humans and other animals cannot make their own food, they rely on photosynthesis to sustain plants, which in turn provide sustenance for other organisms in the food chain.Photosynthesis also produces oxygen as a byproduct, which is essential for human life and the life of many other organisms.However, it is not always sunny so plants need to be able to store some ofthe sugar they make, so they convert it to a storage carbohydrate. This means that if starch is used, less water is required to keep its food stored.What things might effect how well plants can carry out photosynthesis?The last stage in the photosynthesis process involves taking in sunlight.As plants absorb sunlight, a chemical reaction takes place where molecules of carbon dioxide and water are broken down.Plants also have a vital role in the fields of health and medicine. Foxglove, for example, contains chemicals that are used to treat heart failure.Aloe alleviates symptoms of burns, and other medications combat headaches, certain types of cancer and other ailments.


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