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(C) Contrast enhancement in the zones of the kissing marrow oedema. (A) PA plain radiograph; (B) Coronal SE PD-WI FS; (C) Coronal SE T2-WI FS; (D) Coronal 2D-GRE; (E) Coronal SE T2-WI FS; and (F) PA plain radiograph.

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The lateral widening of the radioscaphoid joint and the lunate position versus its corresponding articular fossa (less than 50% overlap in neutral position) are hallmarks on radiographs (Figure Ulnar translation with abutment.

(A) PA plain radiograph; (B) Coronal SE T1-WI; and (C) Coronal SE PD-WI FS.

The merit of each imaging modality is briefly mentioned. Secondary Abutment Syndromes of the Wrist in Trauma: A Pictorial Essay. The aim of this pictorial review is to present an overview of SAS and to highlight the role of imaging.

The wrist is a complex structure of cartilaginous joints with little intrinsic stability, but mainly relies on soft tissue constraints from various ligaments.

(D–F) Stylotriquetral abutment with flattening of the tip of the styloid process (D), bone marrow oedema and synovitis (E, F), and contrast enhancement of the marrow oedema and the synovitis (G). (A, B) PA plain radiographs; (C, D) Coronal SE PD-WI FS; and (E) Coronal SE T2-WI FS.

(A) Ulnolunate abutment with a sclerotic defined impression at the ulnar side of the lunate bone.

(E) Consolidation with a depressed part of the articular surface.

(F) Radiolunate abutment with blocked ulnar deviation. (A, B) PA and lateral plain radiographs; (C) Axial 3D-GRE; (D) SE T2-WI FS; (E) PA plain radiograph; and (F) Axial SE T2-WI FS.

(F) subchondral erosions at the most proximal part of the radial sigmoid notch. (A, E) Coronal SE T1-WI; (B, F) Coronal SE PD-WI FS; (C) Sagittal 3D-GRE; (D) PA plain radiograph; and (G) Coronal SE T1-WI FS with gadolinium.

(A–C) Neoarticulation in the center of the ulnar styloid process, surrounding marrow oedema, (B) and juxta-articular cysts (arrows) (B, C).


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