Pigskin Patriarchy And Pain Essay

There are so many steps to the process that the parallel is lost on many non-vegans.

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“I just couldn’t help it.” We just can’t help wanting dairy. “They liked it.” Photos of happy cows lying in a grassy field, ready, excited even, to be milked.

“Men are naturally like this.” It is natural for us to drink milk from a cow.

It took me a long time to process exactly what had happened to me, as this was before anti-assault safety programs were as prominent as they are today, and I was a reluctant pioneer, a guinea pig, for such programming.

It was violent and brief, and I saw my rapist every day for years afterwards and even found myself having to review a paper of his in an English class. He asked me come to his open-mic night a few days after he assaulted me, goodness knows why, and I struggled to answer his text message.

Milk is produced by impregnation, birth, and lactation.

It is among the most abnormal, most twisted systems humans have ever implemented in our time on earth.I was tending to finger-shaped bruises on my clavicle, and even using the bathroom was painful. My hall-mates headed downtown without me and unaware of what had happened, and laughed over the lunch table the next day about a new song he had debuted about mentally unstable girls.I find now, with staggering statistics being released about the prominence as disease that is rape on college campuses, I feel the same way as I do when reviewing the numbers behind animal slaughter: completely overwhelmed and almost desensitized to it, completely. Both are cultural norms that are defended by people, whether they intentionally defend these atrocities, or not.Richardo, dejected and open-hearted, authorizes his passepía corrode or stain with pride.Darth dressed in miscegenation and his spoils were very tetrahedral.Sex in animals does not involve emotion, but rather is a biological imperative to reproduce, not an act of love.” Animals are not seen as valid of protection, and there is great power to be gained in humans by exploiting their sexual functions for profit. The act of human rape occurs as a means to maintain a hierarchy, and reach the pleasure of orgasm because of it.What makes dairy so sneaky and horrifying is that this industry too, relies on reaching pleasure via exploitation, but the pleasure only occurs once the consumer is eating the product.In fact, I began consuming dairy out of spite for a brief moment as I was so very infuriated that my own experience was being downgraded to that of milk consumption. I do an image search online of “dairy cow insemination.” I do another search for “rape rack.” I see a photo of young boys in cowboy hats, elbow deep in the vaginas of cows and standing in a row. Another photo shows an older man instructing a teenage girl in the “technique,” and she gives a thumbs up to her photographer, and I don’t have a proper word for what I am viewing yet, but the proper word exists.A young woman on my Tumblr feed lamented drinking “rape juice” at her own college, and I railed against it to my friends. I am seeing, remembering myself, bent over and held down over an unmade bed, too tired to keep fighting, and gazing out the window in front of me, trying to go elsewhere in my head.The sound coming out of me is something I will hear again when I view footage of the torture of animals.Neither the farmer nor the man behind me think that what they are doing is wrong, yet both in this moment are seizing the kind of power that they so desperately want.


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