Pitbull Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Dogs on the banned list are types rather than breeds.

This is because they are not recognised breeds by the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

It’s illegal to import certain types of dog into Jersey.

We will seize a dog if it displays characteristics represented by those on the banned list.

Banning a breed is easy—but may give "a false sense of accomplishment," according to the report of a task force of the American Veterinary Medical Association. For information on breed-specific laws and litigation, check the website of the American Dog Owners' Association.

by Vicki Hearne (Harper Collins), is the story of a dog branded vicious and ordered destroyed by the State of Connecticut—and how the dog became the author's valued companion.

In the hands of a bad owner, any dog can be dangerous.

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is any piece of legislation that would regulate the ownership of any particular breed of dog differently from other breeds.

The book is a philosophical discussion of dogs, people, and the laws that try to regulate the relationship between them.

It's also full of insights into dog behavior and breed traits, gained from the author's many years as a trainer.


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