Plastic Surgery Essay Introduction

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Some treatments require only one session while others would take several visits to the doctor to complete the treatment or to attain the desired result.

(Gimlin) The number of people who have embraced plastic surgery as their fountain of youth has risen significantly. Gimlin's book, "Body Work: Beauty and Self-Image in American Culture", in 1999, surgeons have performed more than 2.2 million procedures in that year alone.

that which.....special equipment to perform it and the scarcity of plastic surgeons that are very good at their work.

People travel for thousands of miles from their countries to travel to clinics that specialize in plastic surgery, if only to maintain young looks (Gullette, 2011).

These people may also not have the patience to try dieting, exercise and take supplements which are effective, healthier and safer methods but make take some time.

However, for a lot of theorists and social critics, they view cosmetic surgery as the most invasive means of altering the body for the sake of physical beauty.

Treatments may range from non-invasive to invasive procedures that require one to go under general anesthesia.

Healing and recovery may take from as fast as a few days to as long as few weeks.

This does not make sense financially because the procedure is more of a luxury than a necessity.

The costs of undergoing......Plastic surgery is the most common surgery performed in American hospitals today.


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