Plato Immortality Of The Soul Essay

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Since the emergence of religion and the study of philosophy, the fate of the human soul after death has been an issue that has attracted much attention.Most philosophers have differed over the issue and put forward theories and explanations to validate their stands.As such, the soul cannot die because there is life after death.

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Both philosophers put forward arguments to support their stand on the matter.

However, there is no definite agreement as to the issue and remains a matter of faith for religions and speculation for free thinkers. First, he taught that good people receive rewards both in this earthly life and in the afterlife.

As such, Plato believed that death and life were complementary and one came after the other. After sleep a person wakes up and after waking up, sleep follows.

The same was with death and life: they were cyclic and therefore one came after the other.

Below are the four arguments for the immortality of the soul as articulated by Socrates in the Socrates was a historical figure, whose writings do not survive, and he was famously the teacher of Plato. If something A comes to be something else B then there is a process of becoming from B to A. There is a process of becoming from being dead to being alive. If there is a process of becoming from being dead to being alive, it must be the process of the dead coming to life. If something comes to life, it must have existed before birth. If the process is not cyclical, the same things being reborn as have died, then all things would end up dead. We get this knowledge of these Forms from seeing particular things which are quite different from forms and absolute qualities.

There are also other inaccuracies in the answer here. (72a–b) Therefore, the souls of things must exist when not alive, and undergo the processes of dying and coming to life. If a person is reminded of anything, he must first know that thing at one time or another. Definition: Recollection is knowledge that comes about in this way: when a person upon seeing one thing not only becomes conscious of it, but also of something else which is a different object of knowledge. We know that there are such things as absolute Equality (i.e.

He believed that the association between the soul and the body served to deform its pure state.

Despite the deformation, the soul retained a certain portion of its real nature with its expression in the longing for wisdom.

Those that have an opposite come to be from their opposite.

(75c4) Therefore, our souls existed before we were born. In order for something to dissolve it must be composed of discrete parts.


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