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Finally, this PMR script also includes starting points for children who want to practice breathing awareness or visualization as well.

This is a good all-in-one PDF for parents of children who struggle with stress and tension in general.

PMR is a particularly useful supplementary treatment for certain psychological conditions.

In people trying to quit smoking, PMR has been shown to be effective in reducing withdrawal symptoms such as craving (Limsanon & Kalayasiri, 2015).

One can also find pre-recorded PMR scripts (and other resources) in the section below this one.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script from the University of California Berkeley School of Law This script, adapted by the University of California Berkeley School of Law from Edmund J.Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a muscle-relaxation technique that has been used in clinical and non-clinical settings for decades.This article will discuss what PMR is and why it can be therapeutically useful, and will then go on to describe what a PMR session looks like with a step-by-step guide.This is another great video for beginners since they can follow along visually and audially.Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Children: A Guided Relaxation for Kids As the title suggests, this video is a guided PMR session aimed at children.Bourne’s The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook, walks the reader through a full PMR session.It is very simple to follow and can serve as a great introductory script to PMR for people with no PMR experience.This script, however, is a bit wordier than the above script, and while it follows the same basic pattern it is more descriptive about the process.This script is a good option for people who like to understand why they are doing why they are doing, rather than simply following a simple step-by-step script.Each muscle should be tensed for about 5 seconds (but not tensed to the point of pain), then relaxed for about 10 seconds: If the step-by-step above was not detailed enough, here are five scripts one can use to practice PMR.One can either follow along with a script as they go, or they can have a friend lead them through the script, or they can record themselves reading the script and then follow that recording.


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