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” was written by Russell in 1952 at the request of a London magazine; however, it was not published (547-548).Russell, an advocate of science, was known for his unconventional views and social criticism (“Irvine”).Russell was a prominent anti-war activist, he championed anti-imperialism and went to prison for his pacifism during World War I.

The one specific essay focused on was titled The Value of Philosophy in chapter xv.

This essay focused on why he believes that philosophy was worth studying and why he believes that those who don’t see his vision are wrong and at a disadvantage....

[tags: The Problems Of Philosophy Essays] - "The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as not to seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it" - Bertrand Russell, The Philosophy of Logical Atomism.

Bertrand Russell was born in 1872 in Wales, England as a member of a famous British family.

[tags: Atheism, Article Critique] - The value of Philosophy is, in fact, to be sought largely in its uncertainty.

The man who has no tincture of Philosophy goes through life imprisoned in the prejudices derived from common sense, from the habitual beliefs of his age or his nation, and from the convictions which have grown up in his mind without the co-operation of his deliberate reason. Philosophy is commonly thought of as an activity reserved for Oxbridge high- brows; or a sort of intellectual table-tennis indulged in by the Ancient Greeks to while the time away before television came along....

I think that the two authors have different point of views when it comes to their idea of philosophy.

Alexander George says Philosophy can be done at a dinner table or just about anywhere, you can do it with your friends and family.

In Praise of Idleness and Other Essays was first published in the United Kingdom by George Allen & Unwin Ltd in 1935.

In 2004, the book was published by Routledge, with a new introduction by the historian Anthony Gottlieb.


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