Poultry Farm Business Plan

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There is a lot of money out there from public and private institutions available to back agriculture businesses but many people aren’t able to access these funds.The major reason why people can’t access these funds is because they aren’t able to convince lenders (public and private lenders) that their money will be put to good use.

Also, get a good graphic designer to design a nice logo for your company.

Doing this will give your business plan a professional look and it will immediately make it stand out from the crowd.

Identifying your sales channels is important to understanding the economics of your business model. Common examples of direct costs (also known as costs of sales, costs of goods sold, or just COGS) are the raw materials you need to manufacture your products, wholesale purchases of products you are reselling, and sales commissions.

In this section, you explain how you plan to attract attention, build interest in your offerings, and convert prospects into customers. Where regular expenses like rent, marketing, and insurance may remain steady as your sales fluctuate, making more sales always means incurring more direct costs.

We will use a poultry farming business has the template for writing our business plan and you’ll be walked through the key components of a business plan that receives funding.

Your company name should appear at the top of your business plan pitch or proposal.

In this section, you will make a short list of your competitors.

Your competitors are divided into two categories: direct and indirect.

One of the problems hindering the growth and development of agriculture in Nigeria is funding.

Lots of farmers need money to expand their current operations and many people thinking of starting an agricultural business need money to kick start their operations.


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