Pre Algebra Problem Solving

Pre Algebra Problem Solving-56
Solve equations of the form ax = b, where a ≠ 0, that involve integers. Solve equations of the form ax bx = c, where a b ≠ 0, that involve integers. Problem Solving with Fractions Activity 4.1 Are You Hungry? Identify the numerator and the denominator of a fraction.

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Recognize the associative property and the commutative property for addition. Translate a written statement into an arithmetic expression. Multiply whole numbers and check calculations using a calculator. Multiply whole numbers using the distributive property.

Recognize the associative and commutative properties for multiplication.

Activity 3.6 Integers and Tiger Woods Objectives: 1.

Identify properties of calculations that involve multiplication and division with zero. Evaluate algebraic expressions and formulas using integers.

Solve equations of the form ax = b, a ≠ 0, that involve fractions.

Use order of operations to calculate numerical expressions that involve fractions. Evaluate algebraic expressions that involve fractions.

Classify whole numbers as even or odd, prime, or composite.

Activity 1.2 Bald Eagle Population Increasing Again Objectives: 1.

Activity 3.2 Maintaining Your Balance Objectives: 1.

Identify properties of addition and subtraction of integers.


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