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Specific admission requirements of other dental schools are listed in The Official Guide to Dental Schools, which is published by the American Dental Education Association, 655 K. A basic education in the liberal arts and sciences is the most common preparation for further schooling in medicine.Most medical schools require minimal courses in the natural sciences, mathematics and English.

Students are strongly encouraged to select an undergraduate major and begin fulfilling their degree requirements as they complete their pre-dentistry prerequisites. To obtain a degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, pre-dentistry students must satisfy all degree requirements of the college, including a major program. accredited college of dentistry before earning a bachelor’s degree may be eligible to complete the baccalaureate by transferring credit from the first year of study in dental school.

In addition to the academic requirements, pre-dental students at UIC are strongly encouraged to become active members of the UIC Pre-Dental Club, obtain research experience, and preprofessional experiences in dental practices which may include but are not limited to shadowing a private practitioner, working as a dental assistant, working as a dental lab technician, observing in a public health dental clinic, etc. Information on dental schools is also available online.

Pre-dentistry is not a degree-granting major, but rather a track for students who plan to attend dental school after their undergraduate studies.

Pre-dental students take a prescribed sequence of courses that prepare them for dental school, which is a four-year professional program that awards the DDS, or Doctor of Dental Science.

Students are advised to take an additional English course if their ACT score allows exemption from the first English composition requirement.

The College of Dentistry requires that all prerequisite science courses (except biochemistry) include labs.

Students may obtain information regarding the DAT and AADSAS by attending workshops sponsored by Pre-Health Advising in LAS.

Students are advised to declare a pre-health educational goal upon entering UIC which will alert them to specific workshops and as well as add them to a Pre-Health Advising Black Board page where they will receive other pertinent information.

Additionally, all required prerequisite courses taken must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Please note that a baccalaureate degree is required to matriculate into the DMD program at the College of Dentistry.


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