Prepaid Energy Meter Thesis

Prepaid Energy Meter Thesis-2
Please refer the link for: Wireless Energy Meter The LCD is chosen as a display device compared to light emitting diode (LED) because of flexibility in display content, lower power consumption and compact structure appropriate for inserting in the hardware unit.The working principle of an LCD is, change in direction of the liquid crystals due to incident light.The consumer has to renew the same Smartcard for further usage of power The proposed system is inbuilt with a power supply unit, a Microcontroller, smart energy meter, smart card, GSM modem and LCD.

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The term GSM stands for global system for mobile communications is a digital wireless n/w standard designed by standardization teams from major European telecommunications workers and designers.

This modem provides a common set of well-suited services and potentials to all gadget users across the country and worldwide.

The prepaid amount is stored within the memory of the Smartcard.

Whenever the amount in the smart card becomes zero on power consumption, the Microcontroller turn offs all the loads by generating a buzzer sound.

After the utilization of the owed energy, the energy meter automatically detaches the load from the main power line using the relay until the consumer recharges again.

Thus the system avoids the irregularities connected with the traditional billing system and guarantee revenue collection.

This is a unipolar relay driver IC with max 50V o/p voltage and 500m A output current.

It comprises of an eight Darlington pair transistors, which have a peak rating of 600m A and can hold up 50V in off-state. Smart energy meters go a step advance than simple automatic meter reading.

The electricity theft has appeared as a major problem in power divisions in particular in the expanding countries. In some nations this is so strict that governments are acquiring losses instead of income.

In some cases government has to supply subsidies to the power division to keep a reasonable price of power.


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