Preschool Observation Essay

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The body of your observation paper is the meat of your observations.

Talk about what you observed, where you observed it, when you observed it, why you chose the subject and any other information you can think to include.

The introduction should set up the topic, giving the reader an overview of the subject of your observation and its context.

You should also be observing sounds, smells and sensations that are happening around your observation paper topic. Try to observe the way everything works together, the processes involved and the total gestalt experience.

Concentrate on what is going on, but also take careful notes.

Not only does an observation paper require you to do just what it says--observe--it also allows you the opportunity to practice writing and editing about anything you have around you.

Whether writing an observation paper for a class or for your own personal benefit, there are steps that, if followed, will make the task of writing an observation paper much easier.

If you need further help in getting your essays right, try this site.

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The strategy you choose when starting your observation essay depends mostly on what works for you.

With that said, here are six suggestions on how you can appropriately start your observation essay.


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