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MBA programs want to know that you have enough experience to: At most programs, having four or five years of experience at the point you enroll will fulfill these requirements nicely.

If you’re targeting European programs, you might apply a year later than this, and if you’re sponsored by your employer with a guaranteed return offer, you might apply a year earlier.

If you have a weakness and don’t have time to address it by building your profile, it means that you need to work even harder on the other parts of the application process described here.

The first reason to visit MBA programs sounds simple: make sure you actually want to attend your target programs! Between the tuition, living costs, the extras (you do want to join a few clubs and an international trek, right? For those of you in lucrative pre-MBA careers like software engineering at FAANG companies or private equity, this can be even higher.

If you plan ahead, you can apply as a college senior, receive your acceptance at that point, and enroll after gaining additional work experience.

Several programs are open to seniors at any college: Wharton’s Moelis Advance Access Program offers the same, but only to seniors at Penn.better GMAT, campus visits, better research on your career goals).Round 1 is preferred to Round 2 if all other things are equal, but a well-prepared applicant in Round 2 will beat a poorly prepared applicant in Round 1 every time.Despite these superficial similarities, applicants who actually visit MBA programs come back with clear ideas about how the programs differ, how they could contribute to those programs, and why one might be a better fit than another. And if you don’t do your research about your target schools? 🙂 Once you’ve built your profile, met the schools, and decided where and when you want to apply, it’s time to think about the actual application.The formal requirements for applying to MBA programs are simple.If you’re a year or more from making your MBA applications, you have time to not only think about how to present yourself, but to develop and improve your MBA profile. In our Early Birds program, we guide applicants as young as college freshmen in building their MBA profile and maximizing the advantages you can get from preparing early.This often includes: If you didn’t get an early start, and you want to apply this year, don’t despair.Yale’s Silver Scholars Program is open to students at all colleges, but offers a unique format where college seniors enroll immediately in the first year of the MBA program, complete a one-year internship, and then return for the final year of the MBA program.Because they’ll be evaluating you based on your college experience, it makes sense to apply for deferred admission if you think you have a strong profile between your grades, internships, post-college job offer, GMAT score, and your volunteering and leadership activities.If you want to know all of the details, see Round 1 vs. You should therefore apply only for fall entry at two-year programs.But if you’re sponsored by your employer with a guaranteed return offer, or you’re joining your family business, you may have reasons to apply for a one-year program.


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