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The practice of combining teaching with the provision of medical care, which requires huge investments, is directly related to the feature that the underlying objective is not the pursuit of profit.But leaving out research, and outside of medical education, even when it comes to the mere training of professionals, it would be difficult to hold that a significant number of private institutions have yet surpassed the IITs and the IIMs.One of the issues that has been raised recently is whether higher education in India should be privatised. And though interest is usually confined to the so-called professions, namely, engineering and medicine, it is important to consider the entire higher education sector.

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This must make us reflect upon how the higher education system is to be governed to serve public interest.

But the most important reason for the state to remain in higher education is that the private sector is yet to demonstrate its capacity to create knowledge on a sufficient scale. Even in these ‘professional’ courses there is more research in public institutions than in the private ones.

Advocacy philanthropy and the leveraged buy out of public schools Revise Sociology It shows company names at the time of privatization and the year that the first portion of each business was privatized For less familiar companies .

The impending inauguration of a new government finds interested parties bringing into the public arena matters of importance to them.

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Advocacy philanthropy and the leveraged buy out of public schools North Castle Public Library essays on science science essay tok international baccalaureate and cressida act scene analysis essaypoorly written narrative.Regulation When calling for the regulation of even privately funded professional colleges, it must be flagged and not merely acknowledged that India’s regulatory agencies can be ham-handed in their interventions and are perceived to be corrupt.No public interest is served by an overbearing government, and we need continuing social audit of regulation in higher education.Proponents of private education Proponents of private education start with the observation that the supply of publicly provided professional education has not expanded commensurately with the growth in demand, thus signalling a failure.This is entirely well taken, and prima facie makes a strong case for allowing private entry.We have all read reports of professionals with dubious qualifications performing surgery or flying passenger aircraft.The counterpart to this is the regulation of education.Also, it is believed that politicians influence the regulator to further the interests of private institutions owned by them or their clients.But this deficit only provides an argument for drastically reforming how our regulatory bodies are populated and run rather than a case for dismantling them.Similarly, we insist on a driver’s licence to ensure the safety of pedestrians on our roads.Note that public intervention here is guided by the motivation to defend private interests, as the actions by doctors and drivers, undertaken in their private interest, have an impact on the well-being of others. Their performance actually determines the life chances of a very large number of individuals in society.


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