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They defend their hobby by arguing that it helps control the animal population, but their main aim is always entertainment.While I have nothing against hunting in traditional communities, I believe that hunting for pleasure is inhumane and cruel.Recruitment is too low to result in a sustainable population.

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Keeping our wild habitats as undamaged, clean, and natural as possible is a key aspect of having suitable places to hunt.

But hunters are not the only ones seeking such habitats. Hikers, bird-watchers, and wildflower viewers all prefer habitats that are uncontaminated and full of wild things.

Of course, these groups prefer habitats that favor their own interests. Bird-watchers want a diversity of relatively quiet habitats.

And hunters want land management that favors their favorite game bird or mammal.

Opponents strongly disagree and claim that sport and trophy hunting is inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary activity, especially given the abundance of food.

In my opinion, hunting for pleasure should be prohibited because it is unacceptable from the ethical point of view.

People cannot kill defenseless animals only for fun, especially when the environment is under immense pressure from the uncontrolled human activity. Please do not copy anything from this sample, since it is in the open access and using its fragments will be regarded as plagiarism by your university.

Happily, there are many more peaceful hobbies that do not affect the nature, such as bird hunting, photography, safari, etc. However, if you like the way our writers compose essays, you may turn to us for assistance right now.

According to the most recent survey available to me, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that 82 million adults participated in hunting, fishing, or wildlife watching in 2001. Yet people who hunt and fish contributed immensely to the national economy, spending more than billion in 2001.

Expenditures included licenses, guns, fishing equipment, and the costs of lodging, travel, and other goods and services. But why do I say hunting is good for the environment?


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