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Namely, if an individual holds a gun legally, one should not fear.However, with stricter arms limitation than what it currently is, a potential criminal will choose illegal weapon acquisition sources.

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Increased arms reduction will only shift focus of criminals towards new ways to bypass law by finding new types of violations due to an increased mental and legislative pressure (Braga 547).

Eventually, it also affects individual privacy and rights.

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Classical Argumentation is argument where you write in five-discourse style that start with making point or supporting argument in an essay.Living in world of constant conflicts, political turbulence, and uncertainty, arms limitation issue remains most debatable as well as controversial topic.Knowing how to write a gun control essay becomes difficult in both cases – either pro or against it.Remember to use topic sentences in each body paragraph, use “one paragraph – one idea” as a rule.Before writing conclusion, let audience know that there’s opposite opinions paragraph.Lastly, student should choose topic that would offer solutions and be persuasive enough to engage or inspire audience.Studying hundreds of essays together with research papers from our top essay writers in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Education, Healthcare, and Law, we came up with this gun control essay writing guide.Firstly, one should explain one’s point and use arguments.Secondly, while writing research, it’s vital to analyze opposite opinions.Now, regulations in terms of weapons are different in every country, which makes it important to research this topic and take only the best and most suitable practices for American citizens.Due to all debates and even false understanding of the Amendments and laws, I did research on gun control laws different points of view before coming to conclusion and making argument of my own point.


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