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4) Since all students in a school are taking the same test (with respect to grade level) standardized tests provide an accurate comparison across groups.

(For example, this makes it easy to see how boys are performing as compared to girls in a particular school or district.) Over the years great improvements have been made with regards to test bias, which has led to more accurate assessments and comparisons.

If a standardized test was to ask questions directed at a recipe, that child would have been at a huge disadvantage because most fifth grade students know and have had at least some experience dealing with recipes, but she did not.

There is just no way to know for certain that every child being tested has a fair amount of knowledge going into the test.

Standardized testing is a subject that many people feel strongly about.

Most people either think that it is the best way to assess students’ abilities or it is a stress-invoking nightmare for everyone involved.This can make school drudgery for students and steal teachers’ enjoyment of teaching.2) Some school systems are under great pressure to raise their scores so they have resorted to decreasing (and sometimes doing away with) time spent in recess.This can lead to negative health consequences as well as feelings of negativity directed at school and learning in general.Read more here about how to help students deal with this stress.Some say that standardized testing is the best way to accurately evaluate students.Others believe that standardized testing provides skewed, inaccurate results.Will there ever be an end to the constant back and forth between testing advocates and those against standardized testing?It’s hard to say, but I feel relatively certain that for better or worse, standardized testing is here to stay.After reading this article, you can read more arguments supporting standardized testing, and an argument against standardized testing. The net result is less wasted instructional time and a simplified way of timeline management.2) Gives parents a good idea of how their children are doing as compared to students across the country and locally.


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