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6) The driver - Perhaps Volvo's are not actually safer cars, but perhaps Volvo DRIVERS are safer.This might be hard to test with data, but to start it would be useful to get the accident history of drivers who own Volvos when they drive NON-Volvo cars.

6) The driver - Perhaps Volvo's are not actually safer cars, but perhaps Volvo DRIVERS are safer.

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My Answer: The validity of the claim that Volvo has the safest car in the US because fewer people die in it is at best ambiguous.

I have several concerns about this claim: 1) The definition of "safe" -- the statement assumes that a safe car is only one where someone does not die IN the car.

Below is an actual data sufficiency type question that a Mc Kinsey Partner in the Los Angeles office asked me when I interviewed there for my final round.

Volvo recently ran an advertisement that said: Volvo - The Safest Car in the United States* a Assess the validity of this statement, you have 3 - 5 minutes to do so.

You are NOT permitted to ask any clarifying questions. BEFORE you look at the answer below (I know it's tempting), I strongly recommend you try ANSWERING the question yourself first.

Write your answer down then look at my answer below.

To test this, I would need to know how many cars from Volvo are on the road vs.

other brands, and compare the relative market share of cars to share of deaths.

You will get a lot more value out of it this way because frankly there are very FEW practice opportunities available.

Don't use them up by just reading them, use them by ATTEMPTING to answer them first.


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