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An important advantage of cognitive behavioral therapy is that it tends to be short, taking five to ten months for most emotional problems.

The balance between the cognitive and the behavioral elements varies among the different therapies of this type, but all come under the umbrella term cognitive behavior therapy.

CBT has since undergone successful scientific trials in many places by different teams, and has been applied to a wide variety of problems.

But they would only report a fraction of this kind of thinking to him.

For example, in a therapy session the client might be thinking to herself: “He (the therapist) hasn’t said much today. ” These thoughts might make the client feel slightly anxious or perhaps annoyed.

He or she could then respond to this thought with a further thought: “He’s probably tired, or perhaps I haven’t been talking about the most important things.” The second thought might change how the client was feeling.

Beck realized that the link between was very important.By behaving like this, she won’t have the chance to find out that her prediction was wrong.She might have found some things she could do, and at least some things that were okay. I’m so weak and useless.” That woman probably ends up feeling worse, and has even more difficulty going in to work the next day.He invented the term automatic thoughts to describe emotion-filled thoughts that might pop up in the mind.Beck found that people weren’t always fully aware of such thoughts, but could learn to identify and report them.If I don’t, people will reject me.” Such a rule for living (known as a dysfunctional assumption) may do well for the person a lot of the time and help them to work hard.But if something happens that’s beyond their control and they experience failure, then the dysfunctional thought pattern may be triggered.The person may then begin to have automatic thoughts like, “I’ve completely failed. I can’t face them.”Cognitive-behavioral therapy acts to help the person understand that this is what’s going on.It helps him or her to step outside their automatic thoughts and test them out.Behavioral therapy pays close attention to the relationship between our problems, our behavior and our thoughts.Most psychotherapists who practice CBT personalize and customize the therapy to the specific needs and personality of each patient.


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