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The second portion of the game is the “review” section.

Instruct each person to create their own personal logo using the coins in front of them in just one minute.

Other materials they may have on them, such as pens, notebooks, wallets, etc. If there is a particularly large group, people can be broken up into teams of 3-6 people and instructed to create a logo that represents them as a team or the whole room can gather to use the coins to create a logo for the organization/group/department/etc.

Begin by asking all participants to empty their pockets, purses, and wallets of any coins they may have and place them on the table in front of them.

If someone doesn’t have any coins or only has very few, others in the room can share their coins with them.

Example situations include babysitting, leading the company, or being married.

After pairing participants into teams, the leader will pose this question: If you could ask just one question to discover a person’s suitability for (insert topic here), what would your question be?

This icebreaker not only gets coworkers talking to each other, but it also gets them working with one another.

It’s quite simple: the leader gets to decide the situation the question will pertain to.

If the topic was babysitting, each team member would have to come up with just one question whose answer would help them determine whether or not the person was suitable to babysit their child.

This icebreaking activity can also get mixed up by issuing one situation for the entire group or allocating a different situation to each team member or pair to work on.


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