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Also, remember that sometimes there will be additional steps required after your solution is found. Look for things that are the same and always look for those variables to determine what you know and what you need to find.

The good news is that because the motion is uniform, the formula is quite straightforward and easy to work with.

The formula for uniform motion is d = rt, meaning distance is equal to rate times time.

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Since distance is equal to the product of the rate and time, the table would look like the figure below.

Therefore, if we add the two distances traveled, we have .

Uniform motion refers to motion that does not change.

You would expect to find uniform motion on the interstate with cars traveling at a 'uniform' speed of 70 mph with no traffic lights to slow traffic.

Barring traffic accidents, cars would be expected to constantly travel at 70 mph.

On the other hand, the street going through the town has traffic lights that are designed to stop traffic.


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