Problem Solving In Nursing Management

As you explain your thought process, use the steps listed above (from analyzing the cause to assessing the effectiveness of your interventions).Or, share an example of a problem you solved in a previous role. As a nurse practitioner, my primary responsibility is to use my problem-solving skills to diagnose illnesses and develop treatment plans.

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Prepare to describe how you solve problems: During interviews, be ready to describe situations you encountered in previous roles, the processes you followed to address the problems, the skills you applied, and the results of your actions.

When employers talk about problem-solving skills, they are often referring to the ability to handle difficult or unexpected situations in the workplace as well as complex business challenges.

Once a solution is implemented, the best problem-solvers have systems in place to ascertain if and how quickly it’s working.

This way, they know as soon as possible whether the issue has been resolved or, alternatively, whether they’ll have to change their response to the problem mid-stream.

This requires that you gather and evaluate data, isolate possible contributing circumstances, and pinpoint the chief causal factors that need to be addressed in order to resolve the problem.

Examples: Diagnosing Illnesses, Identifying the Causes for Social Problems, Interpreting Data to Determine the Scope of Problems, Pinpointing Behaviors Contributing to Marital Distress, Recognizing Invalid Research Models Once you’ve determined what is causing a problem, it’s time to come up with possible alternative solutions.After I explained the problem to my supervisor, she and the attorney agreed to pay me to come in on Saturday mornings to focus on the backlog. When I joined the team at Great Graphics as Artistic Director, the designers had become lackadaisical and uninspired because of a former director who attempted to micro-manage every step in the design process.I used weekly round-table discussions to solicit creative input and ensured that each designer was given full autonomy to do their best work.Considered a soft skill (a personal strength, as opposed to a hard skill that is learned through education or training), an aptitude for creative and effective problem-solving is nonetheless one of the most valued attributes employers seek in their job candidates.For example, a cable television technician might be trying to resolve a customer problem with a weak signal.Organizations rely on people who can assess both kinds of situations and calmly identify solutions.Problem-solving skills are traits that enable you to do that.Here are the steps most commonly used in problem-solving, their associated skills, and examples of where they are utilized in different career sectors.In order to solve a problem, you must first figure out what caused it.Sometimes this involves teamwork, since two (or more) minds are often better than one.It’s rare that a single strategy is the obvious route to solving a complex problem; devising a set of alternatives helps you to cover your bases and reduce your risk exposure should the first strategy you implement fail.


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