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Rather than look it up, it will be quicker just to try both (which would be the trial), since there are only two possibilities.If single quotes are incorrect (which would be an error), then the programmer will try again with double quotes.Although this approach sounds random, problem solving through trial and error is efficient only when you can base your attempts on some prior knowledge and information.

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But if you're locked out of the house, you might first need to visit the neighbor for the spare key.

With means-ends analysis you compare your current situation and the situation you want to arrive at, identify the most significant difference between those two situations, and then create a sub-goal to remove that difference.

But, it can work very well in mathematical proofs because the math result you want can be rearranged to get closer to what you start with.

Let's go back to the example where you want to work as a doctor.

The first thing you do is ask yourself what step will take you from where you are to as close as possible to the final goal.

You take that step and repeat the process until you finally reach the goal.

Try it risk-free Problem solving skills are among the most valued skills in the workforce today because they can be applied to dozens of situations.

A person with a physics degree might get hired as a computer programmer because of their problem solving skills.

For example, if you need to get from the street to the inside of your home, you might have to: Sometimes difference reduction is not the quickest way to get to your goal - sometimes you have to take one step backwards to take a step forwards.

For example, the step that will get you closest to being inside your home might be to walk to the door.


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