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Having good number sense involves an understanding of the many relationships that exist among numbers.

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Strong connections between home and school are needed to ensure that parents and teachers are working together to advance the mathematical development of children.

These connections can be established through effective and varied communications with parents/guardians.

KS1 Problem Solving is a series of graded books which help children to sharpen their mathematical skills by applying their knowledge to a range of 'real-life' situations, such as shopping and telling the time.

Exercises include addition and subtraction, shapes and their properties and concepts of time.

To know and use mathematics successfully, students need to develop the ability to receive and express mathematical ideas.

When students learn to communicate mathematically, they are able to ask questions of one another, make conjectures, share ideas, clarify those ideas, suggest strategies, and explain their reasoning.Counting and Representation are two of the key mathematical principles or “Big Ideas” in Number Sense and Numeration, and are closely linked together.Asking your students “how many” questions helps them to think about numbers and develop number sense.Learning about fractions extends students’ understanding of our numeration system.While whole numbers represent quantities of whole units, fractions signify parts of whole units or parts of sets.I finally sat down to create some visuals for my students to help them remember problem solving strategies when they are solving puzzles. The images came from, https://com/shop/Maree Truelove, and you use other strategies or visuals to help students solve problems?I find just a simple picture or a few words can spark an idea for a student. I would love to hear about them and add them to my "toolkit"!Although fractions are all around us, learning about fractions is difficult for some students.Instruction should emphasize the meaning of fractions before any abstract rules are introduced.Problem solving is the process of applying prior knowledge, experience, skills, and understandings to new and unfamiliar situations in order to complete tasks, make decisions, or achieve goals.In the mathematics program, problem-solving situations can provide the meaningful and exciting experiences through which students learn concepts and skills.


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