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Here is example of someone presenting their solution as the need: “My department is drowning! ” Let’s dive deeper into this one and try to distinguish between needs and solutions: A crucial question to help drill down during the needs discovery discussion (Step 1) is to continually ask yourself and/or your team members(s) who might be prematurely fixated on a solution is, “And what would having the [widget/five extra people] do for you?

” Keep asking until the discussion moves away from the solution to the root cause, or the need.

Don’t let people share their numbers verbally or with hand signals.

Through body language alone, your employees must communicate effectively and line up according to their numbers.

People tend to think creativity comes from the removal of all restrictions.

In reality, it requires a thorough process that requires different mindsets and the discipline to follow.

Instead, our muckity-mucks chose a proprietary vendor, with proprietary software and proprietary electrical charging stations that were quickly dubbed “ovens.” The devices were as enormous as Etch-a-Sketches. was born in the early 1980s at Xerox Corporation, and it revolutionized the process of creating comfort with high-ticket, high-risk, complex products and services. Did you notice an entire step is missing from a legitimate problem-solving process?

Today, if you have any purchasing authority whatsoever, you already know the patter of a solutions-sale professional: “What keeps you up at night? To refresh, isn’t just an interpersonal problem-solving process: It can also be used at the organizational level to improve decision-making process, improve results, eliminate wasteful purchases, and streamline new process and equipment rollouts.

Several years ago, the place I worked rolled out a brand new, incredibly expensive (so expensive it made me faint to think about it) portable handheld data entry system for physicians and nurses to use for charting at the bedside. And actually, at the time we’d have called the most commonly available types of such devices i Pads, as well. You can probably think of quite a few examples ripped from your own life when something you bought, either for home or for work, didn’t quite deliver all the features, benefits, unicorns, rainbows, and chocolate rivers it was supposed to.

But those weren’t the solution the big bosses selected. And that’s very likely because the decision to purchase—no matter the size of the price tag—started with the solution, not the need. If I could show you a way to fix this, how interested would you be in solving this problem? Did you see the solution slip in before the needs were fully defined?


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