Problem Solving With Algebra

Problem Solving With Algebra-2
We can just put a negative sign in front of the variable.If you’re not sure if you should multiply, add, or subtract, try “real numbers” to see what you should do.

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So let's draw this garden here, Tina's garden.

But they also tell us that the actual numerical value of the perimeter is 60 feet. So this perimeter 6w must be equal to 60 if we assume that we're dealing with feet. We can divide both sides of this equation by 6 so that we have just a w on the left-hand side.

We introduce students to the rich field of complex numbers, as well as to important common functions and concepts in discrete math.

We continue the emphasis on challenging word problems from Prealgebra, so that students learn when and how to apply their new tools.

In Algebra 1, students learn how to work with various types of expressions both algebraically and geometrically.

They learn how to solve linear and quadratic equations and how to represent various expressions in the Cartesian plane.

Many of the more challenging problems of Algebra 1 come from contests such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, and AMC 10.

Students completing Algebra 1 are ready to apply their algebra skills to our Geometry course.

The language arts classes like Debate & Public Speaking and College Essay Writing provide a much higher quality of education for their students.

Thank you so much for being such a valuable resource for my children.


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