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Set a regular bedtime and make sure you have a tech curfew (going to bed after staring at a screen is no good for you).Your bedroom should ideally be cool, dark and quiet.

Sleeping well improves the quality of your health, mood, mind and ultimately your thesis, so don’t sacrifice it!

Purpose - This study seeks to explore the value creation opportunities offered by e-HRM practices.

Are you constantly logging into accounts and forgetting which password you used? Avoid having to reset passwords by installing Last Pass, a password manager that creates a strong randomised password for each of your accounts and then stores them for you.

You only have to remember one password to unlock any account, saving you time and protecting your online data.

Install Stay Focusd—a free Chrome extension that stops you from accessing any distracting sites during specified hours.

You might lock yourself out of Facebook, Instagram and Buzzfeed and find yourself with an hour or two more time each day. If you can work without the internet, turn the Wi-Fi off.

It’s a very simple way of keeping you focused and getting yourself really productive.

You just set a timer for a 25-minute session of work. The timer goes off after the set time and you get a short break (five minutes).

You might think you don’t have time to declutter your desk, but if you have a clean workspace you’ll feel productive and get less distracted.

It’s important to set up a space at home that’s dedicated to work: don’t play computer games or Skype your overseas friends from your work desk.


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