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Project Management Assignment-57
Marking: Advantages Disadvantages FOR QUESTION 1 (d) (5 marks per advantage 10 marks total) (5 marks per disadvantage 10 marks total) 20 MARKS 5 Most of these resources are now booked for several months ahead. This scope creep also threatens to impact on the business case. Some components of the project have not been delivered or built to the required quality specification.Consequently, there have been delays while defects have been rectified. Communication between project manager, project sponsor, stakeholders, contractors, consultants and other key personnel has not been good.

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EAC AC EV) (CPI Or, EAC (0.714 Therefore, EAC 1616891.892 Also, finding TCPI: Since the CPI value is less than 1, the project is over budgeted.

So the Performance Index(TCPI) is given TCPI (BAC EV) (EAC AC) Applying the above formula for all three cases, we get: A.

TCPI (BAC EV) (EAC AC) Or, TCPI (1616891.892 Therefore, TCPI 0.591 c.

Finding Schedule Variance, SV EV PV Or, SV Therefore, SV d. 2.7 Project Manager and Team: A project manager is the one who is completely responsible for the project, which in this case is me.

You have been charged with delivering a revised project management plan to deliver the project on and with providing a report to the Project Sponsor explaining the actions you have taken.

Your Task Question 2 (a) Developing a Revised Project Plan (maximum 2500 words) 1. (200 marks) (20 marks) Nominate an organisation of your choice, and the engineering discipline or disciplines in which it is operating.

(6 marks) These formulae are as follows: (BAC EV) AC (CPI x Calculate the Performance Index TCPI_.

(3 marks) TOTAL FOR QUESTION 1 (b) 25 MARKS Question 1 (c) 30 marks Comment on each of these projects from the point of project performance, paying particular attention to the following: Cost Variance (CV) Schedule Variance (SV) Cost performance index (CPI) Schedule performance index (SPI) Estimated Actual Cost (EAC) of the project A brief assessment of the overall project performance, including any necessary measures required to successfully complete the project (2 marks per project) (2 marks per project) (2 marks per project) (2 marks per project) (2 marks per project) (5 marks per project) Total Marks per project 15 marks per project TOTAL FOR Question 1 (c) 30 MARKS 4 Question 1 (d) 20 marks Briefly discuss two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of Earned Value Project Management. As a result of the influence of a number of stakeholders, there has been significant scope creep, which with the current rate of progress will delay delivery one (1) month.

Finding Cost performance index, CPI EV AC Or, CPI 0.714 Therefore, CPI 0.714 e.

Finding Schedule performance index, SPI EV PV Or, SPI 0.83 Therefore, SPI 0.833 Also finding the Estimate at Completion (EAC) of the project using the following formulae: 1. EAC BAC CPI Or, EAC 0.714 1400560.224 Therefore, EAC 1400560.224 3.


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