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It is of significance to note that the CPM has the capacity to calculate the total project duration while basing its estimates on individual task durations and their interrelationships.It therefore follows that the series of project tasks determining the minimum time required for the project should be included as the critical path (Kerzner, 2001).

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In this perspective, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be proposed as an activity that can assist the project team to estimate the resources and durations needed.

This activity not only defines a project in the context of its deliverables, but provides a framework for breaking down the stated deliverables into consequential units of work (Kerzner, 2001).

The table next page demonstrates how the tasks will be delegated among the personnel involved It is indeed true that some projects may fall behind schedule owing to a multiplicity of factors, such as lack of finances, lack of materials, lack of the required personnel, and occurrence of natural catastrophes, among others (Lock, 2007).

When such eventualities occur, the project manager or leader may renegotiate the scope/ schedule of the project with the project sponsor, along with other members, to evaluate if it is indeed viable to either reduce the scope activities of the original project or possibly increase the schedule duration to ensure that project scope activities are satisfactorily met (Schwalbe, 2010).

The third activity that could be proposed involves undertaking a performance evaluation review using an effective project management tool, such as the Performance Evaluation Review Technique (PERT).

According to Schwalbe (2010), this activity employs a pictorial description of project tasks as a system of dependencies with a view to assess or investigate the most likely time and resource estimates.

It also represents the projected reality (Martin & Tate 2001, p.

Available literature demonstrates that a project schedule is a fundamental constituent of any project management activity, issues of size or scope of the project notwithstanding.

Other strategies that may be used include increasing dedicated time, project schedule compression, and fast-tracking of activities (Schwalbe, 2010).

The above analysis demonstrates the complexities involved in project management, particularly in making estimations for resources and time durations.


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