Pros And Cons Of Fast Food Essay

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This is directly linked to the rise in obesity and in child obesity in particular.The excess of calories and fats is particularly harmful for those who have a sedentary lifestyle.In today’s very fast moving world having a meal ready to eat the moment you are done with work and exhausted from the day is truly a blessing.

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One of the reasons is that the restaurants usually offer fast services.

(For example Mc Donald’s) The preference for fast food restaurant is due to the time consuming task of cooking.

The cost is relatively inexpensive especially compared to buying fresh products at a grocery store and preparing it at home.

There are some healthy options on a fast food menu such as lean meat or boiled potatoes rather than fried.

The amount of time that dining restaurants take before food is ready can be from around 30 minutes to as much as a hour.

Fast food restaurants save time and effort for busy people living their lives.

A variety of people, especially youth, prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken, or pizza than cook at home.

Fast food is convenient for people’s lives, and has become popular in the world.

In these cases fast food can offer a pleasing alternative.

In addition to the time that it saves it can also help save on costs.


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