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read more Recent research reveals that good performance on the job is closely related to motivation. When this happens, then we have a stereotype about the idea in question.In fact, according to Tosi, Mero, and Rizzo (2000) “… read more The government has its own roles and obligations to the society and to its own people.

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However, regrets can become either inspiration to move forward, or loads that interfere with your present contentment and restrict your future.

It's a good thing if regrets serve as a challenge in our daily existence.

As such it could be argued that this is the one trait that is distinctly human.

However, animals do also have a way of learning habits of behaviour in the same way as humans do.

read more Technology has indeed proven its powerful and still growing innovation in the existence of one of the world's most accessible communication tool, text messaging.

It is with no doubt that communication nowadays is almost as easily achievable and quick as telepathy.

motivation is an explanation of why some organizations are more productive than others” (p. An understanding of the various factors that play a role in work motivation and influence performance is crucial to employers. Every decision of the government is vital to the decisions or point of view of its people or to the public.

read more Based from my understanding, I believe that two kinds of frames were used or can be inferred from the situation. There are many causes for the public not to trust the government and these are more likely due to what the public perceives in the news, papers, etc.

Nora’s self perception as a doll leading a doll’s life justifies the title of the drama. read more As human beings, there are some aspects in our thought that we can’t account for why we particularly think that way.

However, her final rebellion at the end of the drama to lead an independent life can be traced earlier in her actions and speech in the drama. Sometimes, we discover we have some preconceived ideas about a group of people, an issue or about a thing, not knowing what informs our perspective of the issue we are thinking of.


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