Public Health Dissertation Topics

There are virtually limitless dissertation topics you could choose in this area.

For example, you might decide to explore infection prevention, robot-assisted surgery, preventive health screenings or well-woman care.

As a human resource management student, you will study a lot of different concepts, frameworks and theories that relate to employee management, however, prior to your graduation you will be required to submit a dissertation on a topic of your choosing.

Even though there are a lot of topics and concepts that are still left unexplored in the field of human resource management, you might not want to take a chance and choose an irrelevant and incorrect topic for your final year project.

In view of this, the present study focuses on identifying the impact of contingent workforce on organisation’s performance in IT industry.

The wellness of employees at workplace is necessary for their mental health and for their work performance as well.

Various cost benefits can be obtained by hiring such a workforce.

However such workforce may not have the required level of skills to do a job as effectively as a trained staff would have done.

This study will aim at identifying the factors which can increase mental health issues of employees at workplace based on survey based on employees and managers of service based industries.

For the purpose of achieving organizational objectives and milestones, leaders and business owners have realized the importance of training and developing their workforce so that they are aligned with the organizational objectives.


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