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The participants included 45 undergraduate students who use English as a second...more This study investigates the effect of living in English speaking countries on speech anxiety experienced by Turkish learners of English as a second language.Some of my experiences included serving in the military for seven years, living and working in Germany for 12 years, and learning a foreign language.

To do further investigations on this subject, longitudinal studies can be conducted and the change of the participants can be observed.

The fear of public speaking is one of the worst diseases in the world.

Along with the rest of world, I have grown to listen when Ms.

Winfrey speaks, who is currently one of the most powerful business persons in the world.

Before giving you the tricks you have to know what is fear and what impact does it have on ourselves.

The Guinness books of records states that According to Survey, 54% of people have fear of public speaking than having fear of death.

The results of the quantitative data showed that participants who have been to an English speaking country experienced less speech anxiety than those who have never been in such countries.

The results also showed that the main factors of speech anxiety included the settings, act types, respondent types, feedbacks and individual differences of learners.

During my high school days, my grades were satisfactory, but not to boast about, you can trust me on that issue.

The fact that I can seen Oprah become the person that she is today, make me want to be the best person that I can possible become.


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