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Refine your list of possible journals according to your career goals.

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Examples are well-chosen and move the story forward 7. Concludes The Revision Process Books have an organic wholeness that many dissertations lack.

The sooner after your dissertation is approved that you decide to publish in book form the substance of your research, the sooner your efforts will affect the people and conditions in your field of study.

Establish a priority list for your publications, in terms of how you want to position yourself in the field.

Consider all the possible fields of study relevant to your work.

While this material was important for your dissertation, much of the material is now irrelevant in a journal article.

Comb through your dissertation, and decide how many possible articles you can pull from it.Build a reputation If you have finished your dissertation, you are probably thinking of turning your dissertation into a book. The Main Differences between a Dissertation and a Book Dissertation 1. Make style parallel in chapter titles, captions, chapter openings and closings, subheads; 11. Remove unnecessary notes; condense or combine others; 13. Rewrite to give your text a direct and personal voice, to address the reader in plain English, to add definitions of jargon, foreign terms, biographical and historical dates; 15. Your research has an expiration date past which it will be useful only as part of someone else’s literature review instead of information to spur action to change what exists. As much as you can, try to put yourself in the place of the reader, of someone who’s seeing your work for the first time.With a dissertation, you are proving yourself to your committee.You are establishing that you have explored all the relevant literature in your area, that you have considered all appropriate methodologies, and that you fully understand your field.Amy received her BA at the University of South Carolina, an MA in English Literature from Rutgers University, and a Ph D in English Literature from Emory University.The first question you should ask yourself, your peers, colleagues, and mentors who know your work well is "how do I and can I advance my career?You will learn to: About the Presenter Amy Benson Brown, Director of Academic Writing at ACW, has over a decade of experience working with faculty members on book proposals and other academic writing projects.As Director of the Author Development Program at Emory University from 2002—2012, she worked with faculty in disciplines that range from Political Science to History, Theology, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Music, and Law.You have written and successfully defended your dissertation. This webinar will walk you through the process of getting your dissertation ready for publication—whether you decide to shape it into a book manuscript or to break it into articles for submission to journals.In this webinar you will learn how to revise your dissertation research for publication as journal articles or a book.


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